Banned Gambler Spends 60,000 on Roulette
Across the globe, gamblers have the opportunity to ban themselves from gambling at various brick and mortar casinos and gambling facilities. Operators offer this option so that gamblers who have a problem can begin to help themselves. Many people will sign up for such an option only to find that they continue to gamble and have an issue. Just recently a gambler tried to help himself by taking advantage of the banning only to blow 60,000 on the game of roulette.

Tim Eldridge is a 29 year old who suffers from gambling issues. He has been having a hard time stopping himself from placing wagers so he recently added his name to the banned list for 150 bookmakers in his area. However, he ended up visiting the bookies and was given the option of wagering.

Eldridge ended up losing 60,000 over a four year time period because bookmakers continued to let him gamble. The bookies had his photo and personal details but he still managed to get inside and place bets on roulette games.

The gambler ended up losing fourteen jobs while he was addicted to gaming and filed for bankruptcy last year. Everything was spent on gambling. At the worst point of his gambling habits, the gambler would lose four figures in under thirty minutes.
Speaking with the papers, the gambler stated that self-exclusion did not work for him. He felt as though the bookmakers should have protected him since he was on the list.

Eldridge found that if the bookmakers did not know him, he was easily able to go inside and place wagers. He is now trying to show what can happen when you push gambling too far and try to avoid placing wagers during an addiction.

- 2014-01-13

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