Big Fish Launches Roulette Gaming First
The game of roulette is one that is enjoyed by many gamers across the globe. The game can be enjoyed in land based play and many have taken to the game online. The game is easily played at online casinos and Big Fish has now announced a new option for roulette gamers. The new version offers real money gambling which is offered by Betable via Big Fish. The game can be played at Big Fish and offers the first synchronous multiplayer mobile option.

The new game is played in European style and is a popular option for gamers. This option is the first mobile offering that provides multiplayer gaming for as many as six players. Those who play with multiple players will be able to see the wagers of other gamers at the same table and watch as the other players spin the roulette wheel.

Big Fish Casino General Manager and Vice President Carey DiJulio commented on the new offering by stating: “The fun of roulette is playing with other people. This was not just a feature—it was the main part of play for us, as we understand that winning and losing while others are watching heightens the play. Adding roulette to
Big Fish Casino UK is one more way Big Fish is bringing the true feel and excitement of casino entertainment to our mobile players anytime and anywhere.”

Christopher Griffin, the CEO and Founder of Betable, the software provider, commented as well stating: "Betable is the only platform capable of enabling developers to offer the social experience of a casino on mobile devices and we are ecstatic that Big Fish is rolling out another game with multiplayer capabilities. By bringing social elements to casino games Big Fish has become a leader in the real-money play opportunity on mobile. Their strategy is clearly paying off."

- 2013-06-14

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