Big Roulette Win at Royal Panda Casino
When players log online to their favorite casino, the hope is that a win will take place. Every gambler hopes to be the big winner, earning a nice jackpot in the process. Each month, it seems new winners are announced in a variety of games including blackjack, roulette, video poker and more. Any game can reward players with a nice jackpot, you just have to be online at the right time.

A player of the Royal Panda Casino was recently on time at the right time and the decision to play the roulette gaming option of the casino paid off handsomely. After enjoying live roulette at Royal Panda, the lucky player earned a prize total of almost $50,000!

On a Sunday night, the online player known as Matthew was able enjoying the game when he hit several wins while playing roulette. The 35 year old gambler earned the big prize total of $49,770 when he had multiple wins including two worth over $10,000 each!

Royal Panda released a statement on the win, reporting that the casino-standard tables of the online gaming experience are authentic and with friendly and professional croupiers, players truly enjoy the live roulette gaming experience. With the option, players can take part in Las Vegas style roulette game play without ever leaving home!

The online casino congratulated Matthew on the win and hope to see even more players take advantage of the live roulette gaming options as well as the additional casino gaming selections that can only be found at Royal Panda. The live roulette tables are sure to see even more action after the almost $50,000 win as well as the additional live table games provided by the brand. Head on over to Royal Panda today to try your luck at roulette or any of the other online casino games.

- 2016-01-10

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