Bingo Roulette Celebrated at Tombola Bingo
Bingo Roulette is a popular gaming option that was created by Tombola Bingo about two years ago. The game is a mix between roulette and bingo and players enjoy the game on a regular basis. Tombola Bingo is now celebrating the two year anniversary of the new game and the online bingo room is offering player special prize pools over the next few days.

April 18th to the 22nd, players at Tombola bingo will be able to earn cash prizes from the guaranteed jackpots offered on the bingo roulette games. players can participate in the games from 8pm to 10pm and they will be able to earn a prize from jackpots as small as 100 to 400.

Each game will have three different stake levels so the larger the stake the larger the guaranteed prize pool. Tickets will start at 10p and continue to 40p. those who are new to the game of bingo roulette will find the game is quite fun.

The bingo roulette games are centered on the game of roulette but follow the rules of bingo. Players will have chips and eight will be placed on numbers 0 to 36. Players are essentially betting on the numbers. Players are allowed to place up to four sets of chips on each game.

The roulette wheel will then be spun and if the ball falls on the number that has a chip on it then the chip is removed from the table. The player who is able to have all eight of their chips removed from the table of one set will win. This game is a great alternative for players who are looking for a unique type of online bingo game and the special jackpots make it even sweeter!

- 2011-04-18

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