Casino Tropez announces multiple roulette winners
Casino Tropez is a top online casino that offers many different online casinos games. The casino has it all from table games to slot options and each game offers nice prizes and jackpots. The online casino recently announced that their roulette games have been paying out nicely as of late. Below is a detailed example of how the game of roulette can be very rewarding!

The month of April has been a great one for roulette players at Casino Tropez. The game of roulette is enjoyed by many players each month at the casino but for some reason the game has decided to pay out many times so far this month. The first big winner of April was an online gambler named David of Germany. David was playing the game on April 10th and he managed to win 149,850 while
playing the game.

This was not the first time David had won while playing the roulette game at Casino Tropez. David was playing the game just one day earlier and he was able to win 37,050! So, over a two day period, David was able to win almost 200,000!

Another big winner was Dmitry of Ethiopia. Dmitry was able to win just over 30,000 on April 11th. These wins took place with the Live Roulette gaming option but this is not the only roulette option available at the online casino. Players have also been doing well with the other options.

Online player Melanie of Germany was able to win just over 61,632 while playing the Roulette Pro option. This game is a bit different and has beautiful graphics that creates a nice gambling experience. French Roulette is another option the online casino offers and Jose of Spain was able to win just over 50,000 while playing this game over a two day period!

- 2012-04-16

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