Former Roulette Dealer gets suspended sentence for cheating
Peter Fisher is a former roulette dealer of the Grosvenor G Casino who was recently given a suspended jail sentence for his part in a cheating scam. Fisher teamed up with two customers of the casino earlier this year and agreed to pay over the odds for a cut of the profits.

Fisher was told by court officials that he had abused his position of trust during his sentencing hearing last week. Fisher was given a 48 week sentence which was suspended for twelve months. This sentence was handed down after Fisher pled guilty to three charges of cheating at gambling.

Fisher was approached by two gamblers back in January to help them cheat the casino. Fisher was in severe debt so he decided to say yes to the proposition. Fisher told the customers he would pay over the odds when they placed wagers on the roulette table in which he was working.

The customers earned just below £1,000 over a three day time period and they gave Fisher a portion of their profits. Fisher was found out after a customer told the general manager of the casino that Fisher was not following standard procedures during game play. An investigation began and Fisher was soon found out.

Stella Harding was a chairperson of the Bolton Magistrates Court, where Fisher was sentenced, and she stated to Fisher during the sentencing: “We consider this matter very serious indeed, particularly as you were in a position of trust and you had a high level position as well—you were responsible for the supervision of staff and the training of said staff.”

Fisher will now have to pay back the amount he took from the casino as well as court costs. Fisher is also expected to work two hundred and fifty hours of unpaid work over the next year.

- 2011-11-07

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