Four gamblers arrested for American Roulette Fraud
On the 28th of May, the National Police arrested four individuals who have been accused of manipulating a casino game in amusement arcades. American Roulette was played by four individuals in Alcoy and Alicante where the game was manipulated resulting in a win. The individuals involved are of Chinese nationality and have been accused of earning around 97,000 in the process.

Apparently, the group has been operating this scam from January of this year in Alicante and were able to earn as much as 75,000 in four different gaming occasions. On the 26th of May, the same group took to Alcoy to pull off the same gambling scam but this time for far less, but still a significant amount at 22,000. This win was the reason the group was caught as the manager of the gaming establishment was suspicious of the win.

After the manager became suspicious, the security camera footage was reviewed and it was found that a manipulation of the American Roulette game may have taken place. Police were informed and an investigation began. Officers were soon able to determine who the four individuals were and found evidence of the incident, soon making arrests. The group was then connected to the Alicante facility as well.

Upon further investigation, the police force were able to find a laptop, cash money and five mobile phones during a house search of the suspects. It was found that the group was targeting recreational rooms that had American Roulette games as they were able to manipulate the game, winning massive amounts of cash in a short time frame.

Each of the gambling facilities were able to find a micro power outage during the roulette games which pointed to manipulation of the external kind. The group also tried to bribe managers with 10% of the profits to be able to continue their scam.

- 2016-06-03

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