Las Vegas Roulette Wheel Hits Same Number Several Times
The Rio in Las Vegas is a popular spot for gamblers of all types. The casino offers a wide range of games including roulette. the odds are against you when playing the game of roulette but players enjoying playing the game anyway. However, this past week, the roulette game at the Rio would have paid off handsomely if any players managed to wager on the number 19.

Jeff Romano, a pro poker player, was visiting the Rio this past Monday in the early evening hours when he noticed something incredible. The roulette wheel landed on the number 19, seven consecutive times. This is unheard of and the odds of doing this are about 114 billion to 1, according to Beyond the Best.

It is unclear if anyone actually wagered on the 19, but it would have been a safe bet at the time. After the 7th landing on the number 19, the wheel finally landed on 15, breaking the consecutive landings. So the instance was one for the record books and it will be interesting to see if the instance is officially considered a world record.

The Las Vegas Sun first reported this story and they have contacted Caesars Entertainment to find out about the instance as well as to see if the roulette wheel had been tested. The company was unaware of the event so they had no information on the subject.

They also had not tested the wheel since they were unaware of what had happened. The Las Vegas Sun pointed out that the wheel might not have been properly balanced or calibrated. It will be interesting to see if the casino will investigate the event and find out if in fact the wheel was properly working or if the event was part of a calibration problem.

- 2012-06-20

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