New Training School to Open in the Bahamas
To be able to be a dealer in a live casino environment, individuals must train accordingly. In way of training, individuals must attend a dealer training school. These schools can provide you with training in a variety of games and after testing, dealers will graduate and be able to gain employment in a casino. Training takes place for a variety of games including craps, blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette. In the Bahamas, a new training school is opening to help recruit dealers to the island.

The Casino Training School will be opened by the Resorts World Bimini and will offer training for Bahamians for a variety of table gaming options. The Resorts World Bimini is located near the casino and will offer new as well as refresher courses for dealers.

The resort is offering the training as part of a progression of the casino. The casino has already trained dealers in blackjack before the casino opened last summer and they also trained roulette dealers this year. Even more dealers will be trained now that the new school is being created.

Dana Liebovitz, the President of the RWB, has stated that the company is committed to providing employment opportunities as well as career options for residents of the island. The intent of the company is to recruit and train a steady flow of dealers so that the casino can operate accordingly. This is to set up for the jetty as well as when the hotel construction is completed.

By this November, the casino hopes to have 30 new dealers, each of which will be trained in two casinos games if not more. With this number, the resort would have 50% of their dealing staff. This makes the resort ready for operation and will also help the island residents have the best employment opportunities.

- 2014-05-01

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