Prestige Roulette Launched by Playtech
A new unique spin on roulette has been created by Playtech with the launch of Prestige Roulette. The classic casino game has been converted to a new modern version, offering players a real VIP gaming experience. The game is a live casino version of roulette, featuring multiple camera angels, instant replay of wins as well as quick-fire betting.
Customize your gaming experience to be able to enjoy roulette as you wish.

Players can choose to display the betting table or hide it when enjoying the live roulette game on any device or channel. When the bet table is minimized, players will be able to view a full screen of action. The game can be enjoyed in several different ways including HTML5 and Flash.

Playtech Chief Operating Officer, Shimon Akad, commented on the release of the new game by stating that Playtech offers cutting edge live casino solutions to the leading operators of the online casino industry including the leading live platform, best of breed products and games.

The new roulette game is just one of a few new titles released by Playtech. A new licensed slot game by the brand is titled Top Gun, created after the classic Tom Cruise movie from the 1980s. The game can be played on a mobile device or desktop computer, with several images and themes from the movie, featuring F-14 Tomcat fighter jets.

Enjoy free spins as well as action clips from the movie as you enjoy game play on line. The movie was an easy choice for Playtech to cover when it comes to online game play but also a smart decision. The movie is rumored to be getting a reboot which would give the game an even larger audience as the younger generation gets to know the characters from the popular movie Top Gun.

- 2015-11-16

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