Roulette Addict Warns of Gambling Problems
Every gambling game can be addictive. Players have to learn how to handle their game play to ensure that finances as well as the overall lifestyle does not change. Many times, players become addicted to one game in particular and will spend far too much money as well as do crazy things to continue to play the game. Roulette is one such game that can be addicting and one dad has spoken out on how one can become addicted.

Michael O’Grady is a young father who began wagering at the young age of 19. The player would go to the casino and spend £50 to £100 when going out with friends. However, after losing his parents, the gambler began to wager even more as a way of escape. The game of roulette quickly became his release as the game was set up for easy game play and had very comfortable chairs. Betting was easy and a win was instant gratification.

O’Grady stated that the game was very addictive and is isolating as it is just you and the machine. O’Grady would spend his days working and then gambling all his money away on roulette. He would eat stale bread and beans to have more money for gambling.

The gambler stated that he does not do drugs or drink but found that gambling games such as roulette were just as addicting. Even though the gambler had enough money to send to his partner and two children, he was still spending massive amounts on the games.

It is important for anyone who feels they have a problem to contact help. Support groups or even individual care can help one take care of an addiction before it becomes a life-changing issue.

- 2014-01-23

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