Roulette championship winner earns title on a whim
When land based casinos offers tournament gaming options, players definitely take advantage. Players are already at the venue to enjoy casino gaming so why not take part in a tournament to earn even more great cash. Tournaments are commonly found with blackjack, roulette or poker when visiting a land based venue.

In most cases, those who take part in the tournament games are well-versed and most likely enjoy the game as a career or at least on a regular basis. Just recently the Genting International Casino at Resorts World held a Championship Roulette event which offered a first place prize of £25,000. The winner of the event was Mark Vaccarezza of Midland, who apparently is not even a gambler.

The forty five year old was able to outlast the competition and ended up with the win, even approached by fellow gamblers to see if he would share his secrets to the game. Vaccarezza stated that four professional roulette players approached him asking about his gaming technique and he didnít know what they were talking about, stating the win was just pure luck.

Vaccarezza was able to outlast 75 other players, each of which who moved on to the tournament championships after winning a regional heat at local Genting casinos. The lucky winner stated he is not a professional gambler and he just simply qualified and thought he would enjoy going to the event and having fun. He was really just happy earning the £300 when he won the regional event.

The General Manager of the casino, Dave Scott, stated that the atmosphere of the tournament was great and the final was quite exciting as players from across the United Kingdom took part. The casino thanked everyone who supported the competition as well as those who took part in the event, congratulating the winner for his efforts.

- 2016-06-08

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