Seven People try to Scam New Ohio Casino
Casinos encounter cheaters all of the time and a few cheaters decided to hit up a new casino in the state of Ohio but were caught in the act. The Horseshoe casino located in Cleveland just opened back in May and they have already found seven people trying to cheat at the table gaming options.

The players were found to be scamming the blackjack, roulette and craps tables at the first casino in the state. The players were charged with cheating by using schemes where they tried to increase or remove their bets from the table according to the supposed outcome of the game.

One gambler was able to earn a few hundred bucks while placing bets this way at the roulette tables. The gambler tried six different times before he was caught. Another player was added chips during Texas Hold’em games while another was distracting the blackjack dealer by raising his voice and pointing at other players while at the same time adding to his bet.

Officials are hoping that the arrests of the cheating individuals will keep other players from wanting to try the same thing. The incidents happened rather quickly after the casino opened but security was on guard and were able to catch the thieves in the act.

Another casino opened just a few weeks after the Cleveland one, in Toledo and they suffered from cheaters as well. This casino found at least eight players trying to do similar gambling schemes. These gamblers were caught as well.

The security at both casinos is still on guard for others who may try the same stunts. If anyone does, they will surely be caught and then they will be charged the same as the other players who didn’t get away with it.

- 2012-07-11

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