Simon Cowell supposedly creating new roulette game show
There are hundreds of game shows on television these days but little that focus on gambling. However there may be one more gambling show added to the mix if the recent Simon Cowell rumors are true. It has been rumored that Cowell will be created a new roulette television show in the UK which will of course feature the casino game roulette.

The game would have 17,000 people in the audience in an arena setting and they would be competing for a jackpot prize of 1 million. The game would be called Red and Black and players would be seated in the O2 or Wembley Arena to play the game on a roulette wheel.

The show is expected to be hosted by Ant and Dec, the well known duo, and the show would air live on ITV1 every night for one week during the month of September. The game would continue until the audience is cut down to one player. The Daily Star newspaper had a source tell them the information about the new game and the paper stated:

"Simon is very excited about this programme. It will be easily the biggest show ever seen on British television. He has been working on the concept for some time and at last everything has fallen into place and the show is good to go. It is massive in the number of contests and also the huge prize on offer on the spin of a roulette wheel - a 1m fortune resting on whether someone chooses either red or black.

"We've never seen anything like 'Red And Black' in the UK before. It is going to be big, noisy and expensive, a real telly event. It is not only a massive gamble for the contestant, but also for Simon and ITV, but they are confident it will be a big hit." Show bosses are considering how to select the 17,000 people who will be admitted to the show's recordings and are said to be thinking about charging 1 a ticket and choosing them at random. Details are still being worked out on how people will be chosen for the arena section, but it is likely to involve some form of competition."

- 2011-04-11

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