Software Company launches new roulette variant
WagerWorks part of the IGT company recently released a new version of roulette that will be available at online casinos very soon. The new game is called Player’s Suite Triple Bonus Spin Roulette and it offers players the entertainment of a standard roulette game with the twist of a bonus game.

This game has a different roulette wheel than normal roulette and it is a yellow roulette wheel. The well of the wheel is larger than a normal roulette wheel. The larger size gives players a better chance of landing in the spaces. Since the wheel gives players a larger advantage and because it does so the Triple Bonus Spin Roulette game three zero numbers. They are 0, 00 and 000.

The game has an average return of 98.11 percent and if players see the zero numbers called on a inside or outside bet than no payout is given. Players can earn a bonus payout and a free triple spin if they place a bet on a yellow bonus spot and the ball lands in the yellow space. The base game offers four bonus bets and each bet pays out a certain amount.

The Straight Bonus Bet pays out twelve times the bet and covers only the yellow well. The Trio Bonus covers the yellow well as well as two of the three zero numbers. This bet pays out four times the bet. The Split Bonus Bet covers only one of the zero numbers and covers the yellow well and it pays out six times the bet. The last bonus bet is the Quad and it covers all the zeros as well as the yellow well and it pays out three times the bet.

Overall, players have many bonus betting options with this game which gives them more chances to win. If you like the game of roulette then this is one game worth checking in to.

- 2011-02-28

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