UK Casino Celebrates Anniversary and Roulette Success
The Aspers Casino is a popular gambling spot located in Northampton in the UK. The casino has been in business for five years now and is currently celebrating this milestone. Recently, the casino hosted a special event which was for their VIP players. The event saw the release of a new menu specifically designed for summer as well as the opportunity to try out the new choices at the Clary’s eatery.

The casino has been in operation since the summer of 2008 and in that five year time span, the casino has seen a ton of visitors who enjoyed what the casino has to offer. A spokesperson commented on the success of the casino by stating:

“It is estimated that the casino has gone through more than 30,000 packs of playing cards, dealt millions hands of blackjack and spun the roulette wheels a combined number of 12 million times.”

“Over the years it has welcomed sports personalities from the Northampton Saints, The Cobblers, and Northampton Cricket team; it has even been host to a less illustrious Gordon Ramsay and Daniel Craig Look-a-like. Although, Aspers also welcomes several other celebrities but they will remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

“Since opening, the casino has given away thousands of pounds worth of prizes including iPads, TVs, a trip to Monte Carlo plus the chance to win £10,000 and a Mercedes-Benz and much more.

“Finally, the largest amount ever won is…………….a secret.”

The General Manager of the Casino, Gerald Larcombe, commented that the casino is still very young but they want to recognize this special milestone. The casino hopes that they will continue to see large numbers of players and have the opportunity to provide a nice relaxing entertainment venue for their visitors. Players can visit the casino today to see first-hand just what the casino has to offer.

- 2013-07-22

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