VIP Casino Roulette Tournament Almost Over
On the 16th of May VIP Casino began a Roulette tournament so their players could enjoy the game with added benefits. The tournament will conclude on May 31st so players still have time to get in on the Multiplayer Roulette action.

Players only have to pay $10 to compete and the prize pool for the tournament awards $500 for the winner, $250 for the runner up and $50 each for third place to seventh place. To be counted as a participant in the tournament a player must click the Sign up now button on the Tournament menu page and select yes. This will automatically withdraw the $10 fee from the players account and then make them a contender in the tournament.

Players will be given $1000 in tournament chips, fake money, and each player will be given thirty minutes to increase the balance as high as the player can. Players can play the full thirty minutes or play for a period of time and then return later to complete the thirty minute time period.

Players can only enter the tournament once but within the hour of finishing you will be able to find out if you are high on the leader board. If so then you will earn a nice pay day from VIP Casino.

- 2009-05-26

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