Woman sues after roulette wheel accident
Gamblers do not expect to have an accident when going to the casino. For most people, going to the casino means playing favorite games and having a few drinks. For one woman of London, going to the casino resulted in an accident involving a roulette wheel and she is now suing due to the freak accident.

Janice Ann Kraft was visiting the fair when she saw a booth called Shaw Direct. The woman was attending the Western Fair when the wheel with protruding spikes came loose after she spun the wheel. Kraft was told she could win a prize so she spun the wheel. The wheel flew off and knocked her in the head. This took place on September 19th of last year and the woman has filed a suit seeking damages.

At the casino, a roulette wheel is secured on a base. The same was done to this wheel though it must not have been as secure as the operator thought. Kraft says she has permanent injuries and an impairment due to the accident including pain in her back, chest and shoulder. Along with stress and anxiety, Kraft also has a scar on her right eye.

According to the lawsuit, Kraft has been treated two times for her injuries but she continues to have pain and impairment. The filing includes information that the impairments interfere with usual activities and she is not expected to improve substantially. Reportedly, she must rely on help for chores and housework as she is limited to what she can do.

Several companies have been named in the lawsuit including the Western Fair Association as well as Shaw Direct. None of the parties involved have released a response in regards to the suit filed against them. Kraft will continue to fight the companies as she seeks compensation for the roulette incident.

- 2016-09-06

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